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Holistic Approach

We honor the earth and the collective in everything we do.


We love to share our connections to ancestral wisdoms of plant medicine and healing.


Our recipes ground our tables in unique flavor and a vibrant spectrum of healing nourishment.

Community Centered

We work with local growers who value regenerative farming & fair labor practices to ensure that healthy relationships between food, community, and the earth are always present.

Along with our paid services, we serve sponsored meals to community for free when we can, and center our events and food distribution in the uplift of the communities we hold close.

We believe that wholistic food access is a human right and a community responsibility and integrate these beliefs into all that we do.

Hand Crafted & Intentionally Sourced

Our menus are seasonally inspired and honor the land our food is served on.


We are committed to crafting our food from scratch.


We source ethically harvested, wild crafted herbal medicines for our healing remedies.


If we can't grow or craft it, we support local farms & artisans who can.

A Healing Hand for Mind, Body & Spirit

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